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2023 Technology-Enhanced Learning Symposium
May 18 - 19, 2023 | Zoom and In-Person

Symposium Theme: Open Horizons

In the realms of higher education, the pervasive use of technology during the Covid-19 pandemic seems to have left an indelible imprint on how and where we learn together. For this year's TEL Symposium, we would like to explore new and emerging contexts for teaching and learning with technology at UT.

  • What kinds of new tools or opportunities offer opportunities and challenges (e.g., ChatGPT)?
  • How do we define the spaces of learning from differing vantage points?
  • How has technology both expanded and created new barriers for shared understanding?
  • What role does technology have to play in addressing equity issues in higher education?
  • What role does online or hyflex learning have to play in the reimagined future(s) we face?
  • How should we see the exponentially increased use of data in understanding student learning and retention?
  • What elements of the digital divide and the gaps in our perceptions about the student experience and student realities must we continue to address?
  • How are our partners or collaborators (on- or off-campus) considering opportunities to work and learn with us?
  • What can remain digital/digitally-mediated and what must be restored the "non-digital" learning?
  • How can we push back against the privileged metaphor of "seeing" as a way of knowing or interacting with our students? How can we reimagine this concept from the perspective of accessibility or inclusivity?


TEL 2023 Information

Keynote Presentations

Professor Mpine

Dr. Mpine Makoe, Commonwealth of Learning Chair in Open Education Resources/Practices, Research Professor in Open Distance eLearning (University of South Africa)

Natasha Trotman

Dr. Natasha Trotman, Research Associate, The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design (Royal College of Art UK)

Julie Schell

Dr. Julie Schell, Assistant Vice Provost, Office of Academic Technology (University of Texas at Austin)