Creating Checks for Learning

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Checks for Learning align closely with what we want students to learn in the course. A deliberate system of assessments gives us “eyes” on how the desired learning is happening and yields information that can tell us how our teaching could be improved.

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Multiple Choice

How do I write multiple choice questions that assess my students’ learning on a variety of levels from basic knowledge to critical thinking? These tips will help you construct multiple choice items that measure learning rather than test-taking skills.

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Short Answer

How and when do I use short answer questions as a check for learning? You can design these items to help minimize the guessing that students can do with multiple choice or true/false.

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How can I build true/false questions that measure student learning? While these questions simply measure students’ ability to identify whether statements of fact are correct, you can take steps to make them more valid.

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How do I build matching questions that effectively measure my students’ ability to recall information and to make associations between facts? The key to getting good information on this kind of student learning is constructing valid matching assessments.

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Build an Exam

Putting multiple formats together to build an effective and efficient exam is a crucial component of the teaching and learning process.

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Craft an Assignment Prompt

Prompts are used for assessments that require a created response, such as writing assignments, oral and visual presentations, digital essays and stories, and individual or group projects.

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What’s an effective way to set up and assess a learning portfolio? The key is laying out clear expectations for process, product, and time.

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A rubric is a scoring guide composed of criteria used to evaluate performance, a product, or a project. For instructors and students alike, a rubric defines what will be assessed. They tell students what the instructor expects from their work.