Deeper Dive Instructional Guides

Students kneel on the ocean floor in scuba gear calibrating instruments while an instructor looks on.
The Deeper Dive Instructional Guides (DDIGs) are an on-demand collection of information, resources, research, and models of best practices related to important teaching and learning topics.
Collaborative Learning image

Collaborative Learning

How can I help students to develop competency-based activities in pairs, groups, or teams

Map of Texas laid out on a table with equipment scattered across it to indicate someone is planning an adventure.

Experiential Learning in Courses

How can I guide students to apply knowledge in real world situations?

Inclusive Teaching and Learning

Inclusive Teaching and Learning

How can I design and facilitate my class so that all my students get the most out of it as possible?

New resources coming in 2024 that include fresh perspectives from our teaching and learning community and pedagogical strategies for inclusive teaching.

Folks gathered in the backyard in the evening

Architecting Online Courses

What are the essential elements of creating successful learning experiences online?