FIC Staff Team
We catalyze transformative learning experiences in partnership with instructors and academic units.

Who We Are

The Center for Teaching and Learning has supported the teaching and learning mission of UT Austin for over 40 years. We inherit a distinguished legacy of support for instructors at all stages of their careers seeking to improve the quality of their instruction and students success.

What We Can Do for You

The core of our mission is to partner with UT faculty, graduate-student instructors and the University's programs and leadership to create an environment focused on teaching for student learning and success.

  • Instructional Practice. We meet faculty where they are by offering diverse offerings designed to enhance teaching and learning for the success of all UT students.
  • Graduate Student Development. We curate communities and offer training aligned with graduate students’ needs in instructional design and delivery. We prepare future faculty, providing opportunities to advance graduate students’ pedagogical, academic, and professional progress.
  • Faculty Partnerships. We support individuals and groups seeking to experiment with new teaching techniques and collaborate with colleagues across disciplinary boundaries. Our signature programs include the Provost’s Teaching Fellows and several types of grants.



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