References for Teaching Large Classes

Where can I learn more?

For practical application of active learning strategies into an introductory biology class, see:

  • Allen, D., & Tanner, K. (2005).  Infusing Active Learning into the Large-enrollment Biology Class: Seven Strategies, from the Simple to Complex. Cell Biology Education 4: 262–268. Available Online.
  • Faculty Focus issued Strategies for Teaching Large Classes, a special report that focuses on learning activities and assessments in the large classroom. 

For practical information derived from teaching large classes of more than 300 for 38 years, see:

  • Heppner, F. 2007. Teaching the Large College Class: A Guidebook for Instructors with Multitudes. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

For ways to structure small group work into your course, see:

The following websites offer a variety of forms and organizers to help you think through and accomplish large class design: