Molly Hatcher (she/her)

Molly Hatcher


Molly Hatcher (she/hers) is Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at UT Austin. She leads a team in advancing an energetic culture of teaching and learning at UT by partnering with instructors, students, and staff to create engaging and inclusive learning experiences. Dr. Hatcher and her team provide pedagogical support to UT, develop new services that advance the needs of the UT community, and showcase teaching excellence on campus. She previously led the CTL’s Graduate Student Development team, which supports graduate students in preparing for intellectual leadership in future careers, and continues to champion that work as director of the CTL. She earned a J.D. from West Virginia University, and a joint Ph.D. in English and Women’s Studies from University of Michigan. Her recently co-edited book Preparing for College and University Teaching: Competencies for Graduate and Professional Students was released in spring 2021. Email Molly