Practice Self-Care

Current research and anecdotal evidence speak to the exhausting nature of Zoom calls and resulting “Zoom fatigue” and “Zoom burnout” that can negatively impact our productivity, mental health, and wellness. Here are some strategies you can use to help prevent or alleviate Zoom fatigue during busy seasons at school and work.


The Counseling and Mental Health Center

The Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC) provides counseling, psychiatric, consultation, and prevention services that facilitate students' academic and life goals and enhance their personal growth and well-being.

How to Support a Longhorn

Whether we are together in person or interacting virtually, Longhorns can still support each other through this difficult time. You are not expected to be a counselor, therapist or advocate. However, you can make a difference by referring people to resources that can provide ongoing support and being supportive and empathetic.

Employee Assistance Program

You can try these different approaches to see what options might strengthen or expand practices already in your tool belt. Reach out via email or phone to schedule an appointment with one of the counselors for individual support.