Faculty Innovators

How UT faculty are creating and leading a culture of innovation.
  • John Hoberman

    College of Liberal Arts

    "When you see a global community constituted by a MOOC doing so well... it's a very encouraging experience."

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  • Janet Walkow and Alan B. Watts

    College of Pharmacy

    "Just being in the [MOOC] arena... has really launched us into the forefront of what e-learning is going to look like in another three years."

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  • Brian Bremen

    College of Liberal Arts, Department of English

    The goal is to "reorganize the E314 classes... that focus on particular analytical, expressive, or research oriented skills, relevant to both the study of literature and the academic success of a student"

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  • Michael Starbird

    College of Natural Sciences, Department of Mathematics

    We explored whether an inquiry-based approach where students discover knowledge rather than just consume knowledge could be accomplished within a MOOC environment.

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