Provost's Teaching Fellows

The Provost’s Teaching Fellows program is designed to strengthen faculty participation and governance in the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), enhance faculty collaboration across disciplinary and institutional boundaries, and support specific faculty-led projects to improve teaching and learning.  Learn More about the Provost's Teaching Fellow's Program.

Introducing the new members of the Provost's Teaching Fellows

Congratulations to the following new fellows:

Fellow Department College/School
Renee Acosta Health Outcomes & Pharmacy Practice Pharmacy
Tasha Beretvas Educational Psychology Education
Courtney Byrd Communication Sciences & Disorders Communications
Janet Davis American Studies - History Liberal Arts
Kathryn Dawson Theatre & Dance Fine Arts
Juan Dominguez Psychology Liberal Arts
Cynthia LaBrake Chemistry Natural Sciences
Sanford Leeds Finance Business
Brad Love Advertising Communication
Adam Rabinowitz Classics Liberal Arts
Sonia Seeman Music/Middle Eastern Studies Fine Arts/Liberal Arts
Carolyn Seepersad Mechanical Engineering Engineering
Christopher Shank Marine Science Natural Sciences
Lydia Steinman Nutritional Sciences Natural Sciences

We are also pleased that the following faculty have been chosen to serve as Senior Fellows:

Senior Fellow Department College/School
Calvin Lin Computer Science Natural Sciences
Robert Prentics Business Business
Jeremi Suri Public Affairs/History Liberal Arts
Carole Taxis Nursing Nursing
Anita Vangelisti Communication Studies Communication
Michael Webber Mechanical Engineering Engineering

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Fellow Highlight











Teaching Fellow Carol Delville is transforming health professional education through the design and implementation of collaborative inter-professional opportunities. The project focuses on discovering the role(s) of other health professionals and learning how collaboration improves client care through shadowing experiences, inter-professional hospital simulations, and joint ethics presentations.

At this point, two projects are ongoing: the shadowing experience and the inter-professional hospital simulations. A video interview highlighting student outcomes from the shadowing opportunities is near completion for the Feedback has been very positive, and there are plans for expanding shadowing experiences throughout the curriculum. In the initial roles course, we are inviting having health professionals from other disciplines to come and present how their roles work collaboratively with other health professionals. This has been eye-opening to the students, who viewed other health professions very stereotypically.
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Conference Recap

Ruth Buskirk, Senior Fellow

The Lilly Conference on University Teaching and Learning convened in downtown Austin January 4-7, and Senior Fellows Pat Davis and I attended. Overall I saw a great emphasis on learner-centered practices and ways to increase student success. Some of the buzzword topics were Experiential Learning, Student Incivility, and Online Learning. Dweck’s concept of Mindfulness inspired many of the presentations, and the concept of enhancing growth mindsets came up in many conversations. I was surprised that there were not many talks about assessment, per se, yet there was a widespread, underlying assumption that we need to provide students feedback with regular use of formative assessment.

The conference organization (meeting rooms, schedule, meal, and use of diverse technologies) and the ‘active learning’ teaching methods of most speakers encouraged extensive participant discussion, both formal and informal, so we were able to share many ideas, teaching techniques, and frustrations. There were helpful presentations on high-impact educational practices such as undergraduate research, service internships, writing-intensive courses, and project-based learning, which require hefty planning and resources but truly generate life-long changes in students. What I liked best about the conference is that it inspired and enabled instructors to take many tiny steps towards change, both for us and for our students.

Upcoming Conference: SXSWedu March 9-12, 2015

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