Provost's Teaching Fellows

The Provost’s Teaching Fellows program is designed to strengthen faculty participation and governance in the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), enhance faculty collaboration across disciplinary and institutional boundaries, and support specific faculty-led projects to improve teaching and learning.  Meet the current fellows and read about their initiatives.

The Vision

The vision of the Provost’s Teaching Fellows is to have a broad, positive and sustained impact on the quality of teaching across the campus through the identification, development and support of talented, forward-thinking and service-oriented faculty dedicated to furthering innovative teaching inside and outside of the classroom.

The History

The program was launched in October 2013 when Provost Gregory L. Fenves announced the inaugural class of 20 leading faculty innovators at the University of Texas at Austin.

The Work

Faculty, of all rank, who are selected to join the program serve two year terms as either Senior Teaching Fellows or as Teaching Fellows.  Senior Fellows serve the program in various capacities from mentoring other Fellows to leading learning communities around teaching and learning to scoring curriculum innovation grant proposals.  Teaching Fellows improve their craft or develop support programs via a chartered initiative.   Initiatives are funded for up to $15,000 over a two-year period.  They include diverse topics from scholarly research around course redesign to developing mentoring programs to support graduate students and faculty trying out new innovative teaching practice.  Teaching Fellows have the opportunity to continue in the program after the two-year initiative by participating as Senior Fellows in service to the program.

The Goals

  • Identify and showcase excellent and innovative teaching at UT Austin 
  • Increase faculty collaboration around teaching and learning across disciplines 
  • Increase faculty collaboration with CTL 

Becoming a Provost Teaching Fellow

Current Fellows, chairs and/or deans nominate potential Fellows.  The selection process begins with an invitation from the fellow nominating committee, which is composed of a group of Senior Fellows.  Current Fellows, chairs and/or deans submit nominations during the call for nominations, which occur annually in early fall.

If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Senior Fellow Pat Davis.



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